What children say….
What parents say...
"My spelling used to be poor. WordBuilder helped make learning spellings fun. I did not have to ask my mum to test me. I just logged on to WordBuilder practiced my spellings and tested myself. I challenged myself to get 100% and my spelling improved. My mum is happy and my teacher says I am a spelling star!”
Lilly (aged 8)

"I used to learn my spellings blindly, without knowing what a word meant. I could not bother to look up the word in a dictionary. With WordBuilder, I select a dictionary of choice and with a click I can find out what a word means, examples of use as well as similar and opposite meanings. I can test my spellings and understanding of the word.”
Kenny (aged 9) 
"I wanted to prepare for my eleven plus tests. I realised my vocabulary was poor. WordBuilder was the solution. I worked through word lists and began to learn meanings of new words and appreciate multiple meanings of words and their use. I learnt how to spell, widened my vocabulary and tested my understanding of words. My essay writing improved as well as my use of more difficult words. The hard work paid off as I passed the eleven plus.”
Kyle (aged 11)

 “Joining WordBuilder was a wise move. My children can log on to a computer, learn their spellings and go a step further and actually understand what a word means. No more arguments relating to learning spelling homework. It is now fun and I do not need to find time to sit down to read out words and check answers. It is all done online and marked in seconds. I now have free time for myself and as an added bonus their keyboard skills have improved.”
Eric Downing

"If a child hates to read a variety of books how can they be exposed to a wide range of words and increase their vocabulary? That was my dilemma. One of my friends recommended WordBuilder. I was instantly impressed. Younger children learn spellings and older children can augment this by viewing definitions, synonyms and antonyms and examples of usage, from various dictionaries, by simple clicks. They can work through carefully prepared word lists at their own pace. This was ideal for 11+ preparation, particularly verbal reasoning papers.  I would have been lost without WordBuilder. When a child learns one word from a list, they usually learn over five different words. What a great learning method.”
Vanessa Andrews
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