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WordBuilder works on  popular browsers such as Microsoft Internet Explorer 10, 9; Mozilla Firefox;and Google Chrome and Opera.

Apple devices used to prevent mp3 files from playing in spellings. This is due to Apple settings, which we cannot control. We have now replaced Flash player with HTML5, and you must ensure the auto play settings in your browser is set to allow audio and video, else you will not be able to hear mp3s.

WordBuilder is designed to work on Windows based PCs.

WordBuilder is not compatible with IE8, please upgrade to IE9 or IE10.

Please note: Internet Explorer 10 has compatability issues due to not compliance with standards.
Internet Explorer 10 users should click F12 and select the Brower mode as Internet Explorer 9, then click F12 again.

Opera can be used except to create your own cloze passages.

Ensure your browser has

1. Cookies enabled The following video shows how you can enable cookies:

2. JavaScript enabled. The following video shows how you can enable JavaScript:

3. Pop-ups enabled (required to undertake worksheets and tests online) Or allow pop-ups from the site.

You have the choice to either allow pop-ups from the above domain Or allow all pop-ups from all domains. (The first option is recommended).

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